Places of Passing

Places of Passing

3 analog c-prints, framed behind museum glas,  90 x 120 cm, 2013

The human body exists as an imaginary space, is the starting point for the world, and the place where paths and spaces intersect. It is the basis for all kinds of constructed, real and utopian places. The space produces the human body.
It tells of personal spaces and inscriptions on the body. This human body is in the process of passing to an undefined place of passage and cannot be easily classified.
The subjects are turned away from the camera, eluding a clear definition and classification of their identity.

The title Places of Passing and the androgynous bodies refer to a transgender context. The ambiguity of gender relating to visibility and invisibility is a key queer issue.











Space of Relations, Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig, 2013







Dust in Strange Light, LLLLLL Gallery, Vienna, 2019